Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Internet Marketing a Practical Approach Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 54

Internet Marketing a Practical Approach - Essay Example Quality fraud and scams are a common occurrence when products are purchased online. This is not only the supplier’s fault but is also the fault of the buyer because of the lack of enough product specification details. Small business owners in most cases seek the products with the lowest price in order to gain profit once they sell them. In their bid to find the lowest price, they compromise the quality of these products and do not bother with providing all the necessary details that would facilitate quality. On the other hand, the suppliers take advantage of the fact that the business is online and the slacking nature of the buyer and hence suppliers materials of low quality. Quality issues matter because there are laws against low quality or illegal products being imported in different nations and especially in the US and Europe. Business owners found with quality compromised products are bound to be jailed or heavily fined. If a small business owner id heavily fined, the small business is likely to go into receivership. To avoid all these complications, small business owners should be mindful of the quality of the supplier and the products before purchasing and shipping them. Enough research about the online supplier as well as making all the necessary specifications of the products should be counterchecked before a final order is sent. As mentioned above, the quality fraud problem for small businesses may the fault of the supplier or importer. The consensus, in this case, is for each of the parties to carry out their part according to the instructions provided. The importer to clearly and exhaustively specify the products and the supplier to ensure they deliver the products as specified and adhere to the quality standards. This will ensure a mutually beneficial relationship for not only the present transaction but future ones as well.  

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