Sunday, February 16, 2020

The impact of the internet an markting development a case study of Dissertation

The impact of the internet an markting development a case study of apple Inc. computers - Dissertation Example high end electronic gadgets like mobile phones with innumerable features, computers, laptops, tabs and many more items have drastically changed every aspect of human life (Hou & Rego, 2002, p. 1). Everywhere technology has taken a leap. From irrigation to the agricultural revolution, from scientific upheaval to the invention of nuclear power, technology has made its presence felt. The list is endless. In this era of globalization with the effect of technology, marketing has also evolved thoroughly in every sector. Earlier marketing used to be a part of business strategy where the main intention was â€Å"telling and selling† the product by force or by will through different mediums like advertisement, push selling, door to door selling etc. to achieve business target first and then to meet the customers’ need (Kotler, 2008). In short it would be defined as â€Å"meeting needs profitably†. (Kotlar 2007). But with time the strategy of marketing has changed and has taken a different form altogether. Nowadays the foremost aim of marketing is to satisfy customers’ needs by providing them with better services without comprising on the benefits of the company. Most of the companies with the help of technology and information started using marketing as an effective tool to build and maintain customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return (Kotler, 2008). In topical time, technology is a vital influence and underlines the choice of implementation strategies of international marketing mix and furthermore â€Å"enables the more effective control of a firm’s diverse international activities.† (Bach, 2007, p. 3). From the above mentioned quotation it is understood that marketing has taken a new dimension with the emergence of the Internet. In this age of Information Technology (IT) most of the companies are exploring their business to another level by diversifying their resources and expanding their busines s on the global platform. With the help of the Internet, companies are utilizing this opportunity to go to every extent to increase their sales, promote their products and services. In simple words it can be explained that Internet marketing helps to market the business online. The increase in the number of online businessmen over a period of time made Internet marketing even more popular and important these days. With the emergence of the Internet, the traditional marketing idea has changed. The broad networking model helped to change the organizational function related to the marketing campaign, altering products or change in the service based on feedback from the customer, shareholders and others related to the companies. Today E-commerce has become important for every company starting from small ventures to MNCs, public or private sectors and common public in general, even to those who are not accessible to the Internet also by effective word of mouth or other medium like radio television etc (Costa, 2001; Keinan, 2000). The online medium provides a faster rate of innovation than the conventional channel (Lee, 2001, p. 12). Thus today's Internet marketing has transformed to a higher level with a lightning speed with respect to website design and usability advances, e-commerce facility, optimization of search engines, pay per click marketing strategy, web analytics initiative via social media, from the booking of bus-train-flight ticket to search for a holiday destination, from online education to online

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